Clusters Excellence project in Central and Eastern European network of cluster organisations in the field of (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy and environmental technology.

    The consortium partners are COSMENERG-4i founding partners Archenerg (Hungary), Ecopanonia (Serbia), NEU e.V (Germany), Baltic Ecoenergy Cluster (Poland), and Green Energy Cluster (Romania).

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    Geographical coverage: Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.

    Overall expected results:

    - Strengthened cluster strategy and cluster management, including First Cluster Management Excellence benchmarking for 2 clusters

    - Improved or newly launched cluster services (minimum 2, if possible more) for the cluster members (focus on SMEs)

    - Extended partner cluster network

    - Assisting members in project generation and participation in public procurement procedures

    - Guiding members toward internationationalisation of their services/products/operation




    Internationalisation in renewable energy and environmental technologies towards ASEAN and Middle East markets.

    This project will contribute to increasing the number and strength of COSMENERG-4i European Strategic Cluster Partnerships Going International (ESCP-4i) and help SME members access new global value chains and take a leading position in ASEAN and the Middle East markets.

    The consortium partners are COSMENERG-4i founding partners Archenerg (Hungary), Ecopanonia (Serbia), NEU e.V (Germany), Baltic Ecoenergy Cluster (Poland), and Green Energy Cluster (Romania).

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     The project will result in:

    - the establishment of CE-ME-ASEAN joint internationalisation service package for cluster members (442 in total/345 SMEs),

    - 30 established long-term partners in the target markets: ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia), and in the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Qatar, UAE),

    - 15 collaboration agreements with relevant stakeholders from the two targets regions (for business matchmaking including common online platform, joint conferences/fairs, technology forums, joint newsletters),

    - 3 fact-finding missions covering all the countries and selected stakeholders,

    - joint visits and participation in 10 business forums/conferences/fairs organised in the target emerging industries,

    - 3 partnership representations in the EU and target region,

    - participation in 5 business matchmaking events in the region with 50 SME members of the partnership,

    - increased performance results of participating SMEs (followed through the monitoring scoreboard).

    The partnership aims to up-scale the COSMENERG-4i project results towards:

    - additional joint international projects,

    - permanent CE-ME-ASEAN internationalisation service provision, and strengthening the partnership (with 3-5 clusters from EU/target regions),

    - 100 business development projects: including 20 cross-border R&D&I SME projects, 80 other: trade, investments, technology/know-how transfer.


    2020 - 2022

    SMARTENERGY - 'Grow Faster with Energy Clusters Towards Energy Transition' is funded by COSME programme of the European Commission (Executive Agency for SMEs - EASME). The project, supports European SMEs and scales up organisations and stakeholders in the participation to the ClusterXChange Programme promoted by EASME.

    The new European Strategic Cluster Partnership SMARTENERGY ESCP involves 6 different partners including COSMENERG-4i founding partner Archenerg Cluster. 

    The cluster partners in SMARTENERGY are COSMENERG-4i founding partner Archenerg Cluster, Tenerrdis, Minalogic, Flux 50 and Tweed Cluster. The clusters come from Hungary, France, Italy and Belgium.

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    2020 - 2022

    At least 60 organisations/stakeholders of the energy and ICT sectors will be selected to participate in short-term visits aimed to create new market opportunities and facilitate the go-to-market of innovation.

    The partners will set up a new joint strategy to support their members in the emerging industry of 'digitalisation of energy', especially oriented to encourage cross-collaboration between energy and ICT sectors for new and innovative applications.


    2018 - 2021

    Cyber Secure IoT Lighting and Home Automation Systems for Smart Building

    CYBER SECURE LIGHT aims to develop a Joint Cluster Partnership Strategy (European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Smart Specialisation Investments) to pursue proactive and business-oriented cross-sector cooperation of SMEs and clusters of the IoT smart building value chain, focused on smart lighting security aspects.

    The consortium partners are COSMENERG-4i founding partner Archenerg (Hungary), ELCA (Italy), SMARTECH (Spain), SIPH (Poland), Luce in Veneto (Italy), SGG-CCS (Slovenia), Pole-SCS (France).

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    2018 - 2021

    Consortium partners will adopt the interclustering approach to exploit synergies, common assets, innovation sources and financing opportunities to bring the interregional B2B and C2C cooperation to the next level and mobilise joint smart investment.

To formalise your membership download the template attached under each category and follow the instructions therein