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    Clusters Excellence project in Central and Eastern European network of cluster organisations in the field of (eco- and bio) energy, renewable energy and environmental technology

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    Geographical coverage: Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia


    Overall expected results:

    - Strengthened cluster strategy and cluster management, including First Cluster Management Excellence benchmarking for 2 clusters

    - Improved or newly launched cluster services (minimum 2, if possible more) for the cluster members (focus on SMEs)

    - Extended partner cluster network

    - Assisting members in project generation and participation in public procurement procedures

    - Guiding members toward internationationalisation of their services/products/operation


  • Cosmenerg - 4i


    COSMENERG-4i: Internationalisation in renewable energy and environmental technologies towards ASEAN and Middle East markets

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    Cosmenerg - 4i


     The project will result in:

    - the establishment of CE-ME-ASEAN joint internationalisation service package for cluster members (442 in total/345 SMEs),

    - 30 established long-term partners in the target markets: ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia), and in the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Qatar, UAE),

    - 15 collaboration agreements with relevant stakeholders from the two targets regions (for business matchmaking including common online platform, joint conferences/fairs, technology forums, joint newsletters),

    - 3 fact-finding missions covering all the countries and selected stakeholders,

    - joint visits and participation in 10 business forums/conferences/fairs organised in the target emerging industries,

    - 3 partnership representations in the EU and target region,

    - participation in 5 business matchmaking events in the region with 50 SME members of the partnership,

    - increased performance results of participating SMEs (followed through the monitoring scoreboard).

    The partnership aims to up-scale the COSMENERG-4i project results towards:

    - additional joint international projects,

    - permanent CE-ME-ASEAN internationalisation service provision, and strengthening the partnership (with 3-5 clusters from EU/target regions),

    - 100 business development projects: including 20 cross-border R&D&I SME projects, 80 other: trade, investments, technology/know-how transfer.

Interested clusters and stakeholders can contact the project manager at: rvivanco@archenerg.eu